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    Various industries employ foreigners, but the jobs available to foreigners differ according to their visa status. Please endeavour to check if you are allowed to work in Japan before applying. More and more workplaces are employing foreigners these days. Choose the best job for you by thinking about what sorts of skills you would want to acquire through it. For example, lots of foreign workers can be found at convenience stores and restaurants. Or, if you want utilize your native language skills in your job, why not consider becoming a foreign language instructor or translator? If your Japanese conversation skills are lacking, then opt for jobs which don’t require much talking, such as sorting work in a warehouse, factory line work, or cleaning work. Lots of workplaces which allow foreigners to apply for a job interview generally tend to accept foreigners, regardless of their level of Japanese.

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    Professional qualifications are generally not required for the jobs that foreigners can apply for. The level of required Japanese language depends on the work itself. You may be required to have a certain level of Japanese if you are in a teaching position such as an instructor in an English conversation school, but only daily conversational skills are required in the hospitality industry. If you don’t have any problems using daily conversation in Japanese, then some types of jobs may be a relatively easy challenge, such as working at a convenience store or a restaurant. A positive and active attitude, alongside strong motivational skills, is usually more highly regarded than any Japanese language skills. Therefore, it is important to show such attitudes during the job interview.

  • Advantages and Rewards of Work


    There are various jobs where foreigners can take an active role, but no matter what kind of job you do, you can learn the Japanese language and Japanese culture through it. This will be the one of the best advantages of working in Japan. Even if you are working at a factory where most of the workers work separately, you still need to communicate with the other workers to some extent. This kind of situation will brush up your Japanese language skills little by little. You will also most likely have chances to communicate with other foreign workers. Working in a foreign country is tough, so working with other foreign workers will not doubt bring encouragement, as useful information about various countries can be exchanged. Your friend network will also expand worldwide!

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    Foreigners are working in all kinds of jobs, and the workplace environment and conditions vary depending on the situation. Wages also differ depending on the type of job. For example, hourly wages are common in the restaurant industry, while many factories opt to pay wages daily instead. Night work often offers relatively high wages due to the unsociable hours. The number of working days / hours also differs, depending on whether you are a long-term or a short-term employee. Before choosing a job, think about if you want to work in one particular place for a long time, or whether you would prefer try your hand in various different job types. Usually a wide range of nationalites, alongside Japanese, either work or are customers to places which accept foreign applications. Why not fully utilize this magnificent environment to enrich your life in Japan?

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